The Caring Summer Holiday Destination

December 2020

Source: Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

The tourism businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay will show a caring face this Summer Season. A team effort, amongst tourism businesses, will be launched shortly by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and the Metro’s Municipal Tourism Unit to meet the new visitor desires and fears that have resulted from the lockdown in 2020.

Chairman of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, Shaun Van Eck, wanted to assure visitors that this holiday season would not be business as normal. “We have run sessions to understand the emotions that visitors will be feeling as they go on holiday this year. Almost all visitors that we chatted to said that they felt nervous to some extent about their trip. There is a call for un-crowded spaces and what we offer fits this new desire so well. Our strengths do not lie in crowded attractions and experiences. We will strongly focus on what nature has to offer in our area and our activities such as shopping will still be tailored to offering the comfort of social distance.”

The locals campaign will encourage tourism hosts to extend their reputation of being friendly to being caring. “This means that our business owners will be focussed on how our visitors now feel about their holiday experience and will be focussed on giving advice on activities and experiences that meet their new desires.” Their will clearly also be attention to detail on the health protocols that have been put in place to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“Our chats also have shown us that many visitors want to break free from the lockdown blues and have some fun together. Some also expressed the desire to try new activities, including some adventure options.

Each day in Nelson Mandela Bay offers so many options and we will get those options out to visitors on a daily basis. After all, you could view the Big 5 in the morning, do a unique ocean safari in the afternoon and then enjoy a sunset picnic on the dunes at Sardinia Bay. It’s all so close and accessible and the beaches and nature trails are even closer.”

Van Eck and his Board have assured visitors that they care and aim to produce an experience rich, value-for-money holiday. “Many of our tourism businesses will be including added value in their offerings and good deals will also be available.” “This year has caused us to take a renewed look at our visitors and our offering. We are focussed on delighting our visitors. Why, because they spoil us with their time and holiday spending.”